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Robert L. Jones

Robert L. Jones

Mr. Jones has met the stringent requirements necessary to obtain the following Financial Planning designation:


CFP® is a symbol used to identify the small group of Financial Planners who have passed a series of rigorous examinations on financial planning, tax planning, investments, retirement planning, risk management and estate planning. Additional requirements include several years of actual financial planning experience, academic related background, strict adherence to the IBCFP code of ethics and standards of practice, and continue to fulfill continuing educational requirements. The CFP® designation is awarded by the International Board of Standards and Practices for Certified Financial Planners, Inc. (IBCFP)

Mr. Jones has been in Financial Planning since 1980, with a concentration in investment and retirement planning since 1983. On the subject of financial planning, Mr. Jones has conducted numerous seminars for institutions, the general public and various professional associations.